The Essence of Play
as a Catalyst for Joy and Playfulness

Engaging in a Dialog About Equity and Social Justice

October 19, 2022 through October 23, 2022

Featuring four areas of knowledge





The idea behind the Essence of Play Summit is to bring diverse perspectives and share knowledge and wisdom that will change and enhance the dialog about play as a catalyst for equity. We want to engage in dialog about the meaning of play in early childhood ecosystems and communities. We want to shift the discourse to address children’s right to engage in complex play authentically. We also want to continue to address the inequities that impact underrepresented, black, brown, and indigenous communities. 

Too often, children living in poverty or within underrepresented communities are provided with limited, if any, access to free and independent complex play due to its position outside or separate from traditional academic teaching and learning strategies. We must commit to creating ecosystems that promote joy, and playfulness. As a society, we have the responsibility to implement thoughtful practices that bridge the opportunity gap in underrepresented communities and change educators’ image of children as competent, creative, innovative critical thinkers and problem solvers. 

We want to ensure that the concept of play is not rooted in a Western-centric perspective based on a social construct of privilege, in which play is afforded to a limited population (demographic) of children, families, and communities. Let us acknowledge how various play perspectives have shaped and influenced our conversation about access, opportunity, social justice, and equity for all young children. In the words of my friend and colleague Maurice Sykes, “We must shift the dialog to ensure that educators bring playfulness and joy as they respond to children’s inquisitiveness.” 

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